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Diane Von Furstenberg


Diane Von Furstenberg has been a symbol of strength, independence, beauty and female empowerment since she began her career in 1970s. Her iconic wrap dress has found a place in the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, yet it continues to be a staple of women's wardrobes around the world. The vivacious Von Furstenberg was in town to speak at Design Miami/ last week, and to make an in-store appearance at her Bal Harbour boutique to celebrate her new collaboration with Evian. We stole a few minutes with the designer (and CFDA president) to discuss an upcoming milestone, technology and becoming the woman she wanted to be.

Forty years since the wrap dress. How are you feeling about that milestone?
It's hard to believe. My children now are over 40, so you can only imagine.

Do you still get a kick out of seeing women wearing your clothes?
Yesterday was so incredible. There were so many young art dealers wearing DVF. Like 75 percent of them were in wrap dresses. It made me feel so good to see all of these women from Germany to Australia wearing the dress. It makes me very happy.

Last night you spoke about design pioneers. Who are some of the people filling this role now?
There are so many… Honestly I think that technology is the real revolutionary in design right now. I love technology. It’s so amazing. I’m addicted to my iPad.

Have you hear about 3D printing?
Yes, it's funny you mention it. I'm actually going to a demonstration for that next week. It's incredible.

It almost seems impossible. No?
Yes, but I remember hearing about computers when it seemed so far off... and of course it's happening now.

Tell me about your path to becoming the woman you wanted to be.
The truth is when I first started, I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew who I wanted to be. And I became that woman through fashion. As I was becoming that woman through fashion, I was sharing my confidence with other women by designing clothes. Now, in the Fall of my life, I look back and see all of the pieces in my life as coherent and resonating with what I believe in.

You look fantastic. Tell me one of your secrets.
These nude fishnets were a major discovery. As you get older it's strange to be complete bare legged. This way I'm bare but also covered up. It's a great trick.

Are they Wolford?
Yes, they are.

What else are you doing while in Miami?
I have a brunch at Soho house and then I'm going back to Art Basel and Design Miami and then I leave this evening.

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