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Beauty and Bubbles


Last week Gee Beauty hosted an evening of beauty and bubbles at Bal Harbour Shops. Guests enjoyed complimentary lash applications, makeup demonstrations and tips on fall beautys best trends. Following the in-store demonstrations, guests were treated to an Italian feast at Carpaccio and endless glasses of Champagne care of Perrier Jouet. We caught up with the evenings hosts to discuss Falls beauty trends.

What are the three key tools every girl should have in the makeup bag?
A good set of brushes (these will go a long way and actually help you use less makeup, achieving the look you want without the heaviness), a lash curler (its always amazing when we curl clients’ lashes and they never knew the gorgeous natural lashes they have. Curling them properly is key—try to get to the base of the lashes, without grabbing skin, and press firmly. Investing in a good quality curler really makes the difference), a pencil sharper specifically for makeup pencils (a sharp brow pencil or eye liner really makes the application more professional, with more precision).

What is the subject of the next addition?
We have already started talking about the next one! We’d love to share tips and tricks getting “party ready” going into the holiday season. With so many glamorous events in Bal Harbour and Miami like Art Basel, a girl’s got to be camera and red-carpet ready at a moments notice.

What makeup trends are you excited about for fall?
We're definitely loving the statement lip. Shades from bright reds to deep berry were all over the runways—with lots of different ways of interpreting them. Introducing a new lip color to your beauty regime is always bold, defining and different. Play around a little to see what shades and depths you like—matte or glossy—try pairing this with another big makeup statement—the liquid liner. This is one of our favorites for sure, especially in the Miami heat, liquid liner really stays in place, looks sexy and adds drama. It’s like the makeup version of the little black dress.

As we switch over our wardrobes, what are some key refreshers for our vanity or makeup case?
Drawing a parallel to fall fashion, we see big trends towards richer textures and bold, dark-romantic and dramatic hues. Colors range from deep-metallic purples to electric greens and gilded golds. Matte eye shadows are also sultry and mysterious—try using rich brown and espresso shadows for the new smoky look—a modern take on traditional slate-grey versions. Women also tend to like a little more coverage than summer’s sheer tinted moisturizers. Trying a mineral foundation will give the look of a flawless complexion while still allowing the skin to breath. Using a foundation brush instead of your fingers or a sponge to apply is another pro tip—again you’ll use less product and blend more seamlessly.

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