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Sophie Elgort

by Daniel Scheffler

With a father like legendary Vogue photographer Arthur Elgort, keeping the art and practice in the family wasn’t too hard. For his daughter Sophie, who started taking photos professionally after college, it was perfectly on the cards to become a professional photographer. In the last few years, Elgort has worked with brands like Mercedes Benz, magazines like Teen Vogue and designers like Etienne Aigner, gaining the confidence to hold a camera whilst putting people at ease.

Coco Rocha, photographed by Sophie Elgort, for Botkier.

“My father loves taking pictures more than anyone I’ve ever met,” shares Elgort. “The camera is basically attached to his neck at all times. He is the ultimate people person and can make conversation with anyone.” And so Elgort expertly took on some of that very know-how as a woman working in the big field of photography, in the age of Instagram. “Now that Instagram is so big, everyone is a photographer in a way. People ask me if I get annoyed by that—everyone thinking they’re a photographer—but in fact it’s the opposite, everyone now is more aware of what a photographer is, instead of it being such niche thing,” she says.

A campaign image from Alessandra Mackenzie

And, in fact, Elgort uses her Instagram to share photography, a constant source of inspiration—as well as an easy way to discover a plethora of art, fashion, new locations and interesting people from all around the world. “On my account, I try to post a blend of both professional and personal things so I can show who I am, as well as my work,” says Elgort. “It’s also a great place for behind the scenes pictures and to self-publish those outtakes that you love that didn’t make it into the story.”

The focus of her work, as much as its fashion heavy, is telling the story of a person, or brand. “For me its about bringing out something in the subject that I see that shows a glimpse of his or her personality,” says Elgort.

Twin fashion designers Coco & Breezy.

As a result the Tribeca based photographer is rather busy, and that may be an understatement. Elgort, along with her friend Carolyn Pride, also recently started a non-profit called “Throu­gh Our Lens” it provides life-changing access and significant mentorship to teen girls who are underrepresented in the fashion space with the goal of boosting racial, socioeconomic and gender variety in fashion; behind the lens as well as in front of the camera,” shares Elgort.

And when she’s not working she actually just likes to be a home body. “It sounds cheesy but honestly, I like to hang out with my husband,” she shares. “Any extra time I get with him, I’ll take it.”

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