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Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg of The Coveteur.

By Rachel Felder

In fashion, like so much else in the world, the Internet has given worldwide accessibility to what was once rarefied and elite. Nowhere else is this more evident than in the world of style blogs, which can be just as impactful—if not more so—as coverage in a traditional fashion magazine. Surprisingly, some of the most influential (and entertaining!) fashion blogs are based far from the style capitals of New York, Milan and Paris. Each site has its own personality, reflective of its founder’s own sensibility. Here are three of the best, with insight from the bloggers behind them.

The Coveteur, Canada
In the four years since it was launched, The Coveteur has become a must-read for the fashion industry thanks to its luxe feel and its mix of trend coverage, newsy items and—perhaps most appealing—looks into the closets of fashion insiders. Its design is slick and cosmopolitan, like something you’d expect from a glossy national headquartered in New York City… though the site is based in Toronto.

Stephanie Mark.

“To be honest, it is kind of double-sided,” says Stephanie Mark, The Coveteur’s co-founder, on the logistics of working outside of a fashion capital. “It allows our perspective to always be clear and not get swept up with ‘who is friends with who’ and ‘you shouldn’t cover this person.’ It lets us be a bit more unbiased.” Still, Mark and co-founder Jake Rosenberg travel regularly, including trips to one of their favorite places: Miami. “For us, Miami feels a bit fresh and a little bit different than anything else,” she says. “There’s so much more culturally happening there that it seems likean interesting place for us.”

Jake Rosenberg.

As the site’s impact continues to grow, recently adding beauty and mens fashion to its mix, Mark has a healthy attitude toward competition from other bloggers. “I like to look at everyone as more of a colleague than as a competitor,” she says. “It’s beneficial to learn from everyone instead of trying to compete, because things are always changing.”

Camila Coutinho, here and below.

Garotas Estupidas, Brazil
Camila Coutinho launched Garotas Estúpidas eight years ago as a hobby, or, as she humbly puts it, “a way to talk to my friends about celebs and stuff.” While celebrity style is, indeed, one of the site’s main focuses, it’s also become a popular source for coverage of the latest trends in beauty and fashion, style-skewed events and red carpets, as well as for Coutinho’s own high-low style. “I can go easily from Prada to Zara,” she quips. It’s also extremely influential in Brazil’s ever-growing fashion scene.

Since the site is very visually driven—with images of clothing and accessories, chic celebrities at events and Coutinho herself—Instagram has logically become a medium for additional content. “It’s another means of communication,” Coutinho says. “You have to be more creative and elaborate different content for every social-media platform beside the blog. The audience has changed a bit because of Instagram’s accessibility. It’s not that we have lost readers, it’s just that the same reader who used to access the blog five times a week, now does it three times and gets her daily dose via Instagram. It means even more communication and contact!”

Andy Torres, here and below.

Style Scrapbook, The Netherlands
Andy Torres, born in Mexico and based in Amsterdam, has turned her seven-year-old blog, Style Scrapbook, into a profitable brand, having partnered with companies such as Mango, Kipling and Canon on collaborative items and ad campaigns. “I’m fortunate that I can make Style Scrapbook work financially, although we still only agree to maybe 30 percent of collaborations we discuss,” she explains. “My readers are all smart enough to know if I were to work on a project that did not fit my style, and it would have an impact on how they view me as a person. I will only work on collaborations that truly fit with my style and that I feel honest about.”

Torres’ personal style and openness has won many loyal fans (the site has more than a million Facebook followers). Her posts mostly consist of images of herself traveling the world fabulously dressed—a bit like a cross between a street-style shot in a magazine and a selfie. “We have always kept the focus on building a relationship with our readers,” she says. “I honestly believe that if you put forward content that people will want to follow and engage with, they will

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