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Carlos Mota

Portrait by William Waldron.

By Jennifer Condon

As an international stylist and interiors guru, Carlos Mota has access to the world’s chicest spots. A true aesthete, he is an impassioned world traveler who favors hunting down the unpublished local haunts of Old World cities such as Paris and Venice—and historic New World cities such as Cartagena—over traditional tourist activities. Along the way, the insider knowledge he gathers influences the diverse and cultivated vision he shares on editorial pages, in advertisements and at choice private residences. He approaches fashion in the same manner, integrating pieces from both high fashion and the mass market to achieve his eclectic style—and he especially values a strong accessory to express individuality. He shares with us his favorite styling tricks both inside the home—soft lighting, organizing books by color—and out.—J.C.

“My favorite flowers to use are peonies, garden roses and potted orchids.” Flowers Chic & Cheap, by Mota, features his tips and techniques for taking ordinary items found around the house like coffee mugs and tea canisters and transforming them into beautiful arrangements fit for glamorous dinner parties or everyday enjoyment.

“My style is an eclectic mix of high and low.” Alexander McQueen’s fall menswear collection paid homage to 19th century dress, inspired by lords, dandies and boxers of Victorian Britian. This plaid velvet suit is reminiscent of old style gangster.



“My favorite travel indulgence is getting a private tour guide—and my new chic Brunello Cucinelli suede roller bag.” This stylish roller would look great paired with a cashmere sweater from Brunello Cucinelli, known for their high quality knit wear.

“One of my favorite trips was on an Abercrombie& Kent Nile cruise. Waking up early and watching the sunrise is remarkable.”

“I love bringing home ceramics, French bowls and books from my travels.” This stunning tableware with its nomadic blue hues is the perfect compliment to any traveler’s collection. The Hermes Blues d’ Ailleurs porcelain collection tells a story of journeys made from Europe to China and back.

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