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Damien Hirst's Crystal Connection

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Damien Hirst with ETERNAL BEAUTY Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates © Damien Hirst and Lalique, 2015.

Bal Harbour Shops will host the exclusive U.S. debut of the latest works from Lalique and Damien Hirst’s ETERNAL collection. On the occasion of Art Basel, the collection will be displayed from December 7-10 at Lalique’s Bal Harbour boutique.

These limited edition crystal pieces feature a series of sculptures and panels from Hirst’s most recognizable motifs including the cross, dove, skull and butterfly that can be read as emblematic of the cycle of life. Developed over a number of years in collaboration with the artist and Lalique’s talented staff of artisans, the series is comprised of exceptional works.

Through hundreds of hours of work using the “lost wax” process—a traditional technique revived by Lalique—each limited edition piece features the engraved signature of the artist and comes with a signed edition certificate. Among the motifs are Sleep (depicting a human skull); Truth (presenting a dove carrying an olive branch); Belief (featuring a constellation of coloured capsules inserted into a cross); Sinner (illustrating the sinuous curve of a serpent in a triptych of panels); Cross (open scissors) and Immaculate, which depicts a dagger through a heart in flight.

In addition to sculpture, the ETERNAL collection includes a series of panels in five different designs. Butterflies have held a central place in Hirst’s work, and they appear in three of the panel designs: Hope, Love and Beauty. This year, two new motifs were added to the collection: Prayer, depicting a heart pierced by a dagger, and Memento, a skull reminding us of the fragility of life.


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