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Prada Gets Personal

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Choose from an assortment of colors and materials and as the ultimate finishing touch, your initials will be inscribed in gold on the insole.

By Jessica Mehalic Lucas

Season after season, we covet Miuccia Prada’s innovative footwear creations from the second we spy them on the runway. The latest cult shoes from the Italian visionary are ones you design yourself—well, sort of. Prada’s Made-To-Order lace-up shoes project will be at the Bal Harbour boutique October 6-9, allowing male and female shoppers to customize their own brogues.

Five years ago, the flatform brogue was a hit on the women’s runway, ushering in a shoe-volution with waiting list-only availability. The cool wingtip motif and comfortable multilayered Micro Sole soon became a house staple. Today, the lace-ups exude need-it-now appeal with the personalization aspect: gold monogram considered, no one else will have your exact shoe.

Women can choose the material of the shoe (ranging from classic brushed leather to crocodile and leopard print pony hair) the color (there are 29 single-tone options and five three-tone models), the color of the sole (six shades are available) and the type of sole (micro or micro and cord). Soles are available at either a 30mm or 65mm (1.2 inch or 2.6 inch) height.

On the men’s side, there are nine single-tone colors and 12 three-tone models in classic spazzalato leather. Additionally, there are two models in denim, two in camouflage and four in crocodile. Choose from 10 different sole colors made of micro, with the option to wrap the micro sole in a textured band, as well as a micro and cord design.

Once you order your lace-ups, it takes 60 days to create them back in Milan. Not much of a wait for shoes you can truly call your own.

While you’re in the boutique, you’ll also want to check out the fall collections. You’ll recall that adventurous vagabonds wore fabulously layered looks—corset-style waist belts included— during the women’s show. It’s almost impossible to pass up the opulent jacquards and surreal prints created by artist Christophe Chemin. In the men’s collection, you’ll find smart outerwear, covetable argyle and chevron sweaters and more of Chemin’s unconventional prints.


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