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Bulgari’s Snake Charmers

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A snake eyes view of one of Bulgari's high Jewelry Serpenti necklaces. Crafted from white gold scales covered in white diamonds the serpent draws you in with its two pear-shaped emerald green eyes.

By Jessica Michault

Throughout history, the serpent has played an important role, inspiring artists for generations. At Bulgari, the snake has become a spirit animal that has helped guide the house for decades; its bejeweled coils have encircled the wrists, fingers, necklines and earlobes of some of the world’s most beautiful and glamorous women.

Now, Bulgari has made the daring move to revisit its most iconic jewelry line, Serpenti, creating a modern take on this enduring totem. With the collection of 10 pieces, you can be sure the mesmerizing power of these new Serpenti pieces will entrance devoted collectors and new clients alike.

In the new collection, Bulgari’s famed artisans have focused their attention on the graphic and geometric beauty of the serpent’s head. The patters of its skin and its profound faceted eyes have been recreated in precious metals and gemstones, resulting in a powerfully alluring design.

You’ll quickly fall under the spell of this serpent head pendant—its eyes a ruby red and its scales shimmering white diamonds—on a rose gold chain necklace. Or, perhaps the sleek cuff of a diamond-skinned snake is more to your liking, with its enchanting green emerald eyes?

The house’s accessories are not immune to the snake bite, either. The clasp on the classic Bulgari bag now features the head of a striking Serpenti snake. Similarly, sunglasses feature a curving shape that allude to Bulgari’s totem, finished off with colorful scales that edge the frames of the hypnotic shades.


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