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Gucci's flora and fauna covered denim jeans from its pre-fall line up.

By Jessica Michault

The fashion world’s workhorse fabric is getting a designer facelift this season. Starting this summer and continuing right into the heart of the fall collections, denim has proven itself to be a versatile material that can be uses for both casual and chic occasions.

One of the biggest draws that denim has is that it lends itself to customization. Far from a “precious” fabric, personalizing a denim jacket with a hand written drawing or taking a pair of scissors to a pair of jeans to DIY some shorts has become commonplace. And it’s precisely this crafty comfort level that designers have honed in on this season. Both Gucci and Valentino offered up a number of denim pieces that come covered in colorful butterfly and serpent-shaped patches. The final look is one that seems almost homemade and thus even more special.

Another go-to denim treatment has been the bleached tie-dye or acid-wash style. But over at Roberto Cavalli, designer Peter Dundas went with a cool spliced together denim style to craft a long coat in his Fall collection for the house.

While at Dsquared2, the twin designers Dean and Dan Caten have long been proponents of the white bleach splotches look on their indigo denim jeans. Raw edging is another way that designers try and give their denim a well loved patina. This effect looked particularly cool on the Chloé and Saint Laurent catwalks.

But denim can also go the sophisticated route. Designers usually achieve this by going to the opposite ends of the color spectrum, optic white or a deep black. Although some, like Stella McCartney, can turn a rich indigo blue off the shoulder top and matching long skirt look rather elegant, too.

While the weather is still warm, go for a white denim option as it will always look crisp and clean under the hot summer sun. Then, when fall finally hits, turn to ink black denim, like the jeans that Emporio Armani is offering in its Pre-Fall collection. They will make the perfect companion piece to any outfit that you want to transition from day to night.


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