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Versace X Bruce Weber

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Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid cuddle up in some Versace fall/winter 2017 designs.

By Jessica Michault

It has been 17 years since the house of Versace worked with the esteemed fashion photographer Bruce Weber. But you wouldn't know it from looking at the 20-minute video Weber and designer Donatella Versace dreamed up to covey the energy and everyday adaptability of the brand's fall/winter 2016 designs.

The duo traveled to Chicago to shoot the advertising campaign for the collections. There Weber, known for his love of creating images that features eclectic family-like gatherings of unique individuals, brought together supermodels Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Dilone. Then he added into the mix a singer, a bodyguard and a gaggle of dancers from a number of different disciplines to create a joyful mini movie that celebrated beauty in all its forms.

“When I first spoke with Donatella about going to Chicago she said, simply, yes, let's pack up and go,” explained Weber about how the trip took place. “Donatella has always been an adventurer and not only does she treat me like a prince, she treats me like family—and the feeling is mutual. The most important thing to me, after all these years, is that we can still laugh together.”

As luck would have it the four-day trip to Illinois was even more rewarding then Weber could have imagined. After seeing the dancers and the supermodels together, Versace returned to her headquarters in Milan with a whole new concept for her spring/summer 2017 menswear show. The dancers in the film became the muses of the collection. It resulted in a lineup of clothing crafted with movement in mind and where ease and comfort walked hand in hand with style.

So intertwined were the film and the menswear collection that Versace presented a preview of the short film at the start of her menswear show in Milan this month.


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