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Insta Influencer: Leaf Greener

Fashion News
Leaf Greener, one of China's most influential fashion editors, shows off her sartorial skills.

By Jessica Michault

Leaf Greener is one of the most influential and stylish fashion editors to come out of China in quite some time. She is a favorite subject of photographers who are drawn to her upbeat personality, matched with her bright and happy sartorial style. But Greener is no fashion lightweight; she was the senior fashion editor of Elle China for six years before launching her own digital fashion magazine called LEAF on WeChat, China’s leading mobile application.

@art_psycho is a feed dedicated to pop culture images that, in one way or another, make you scratch your head in amazement. Think of them as the perfect dorm room wall posters for a modern art major at college. It currently has 238,000 thousand followers so Greener is clearly not the only one fascinated by this surrealistic and visually vivacious feed.

As the saying goes, it’s all about location, location, location. And @archdaily’s founder David Basulto looks to be an expert at finding some of the most stunning locations in the world to snap with his iPhone 6s. We imagine Greener perusing this feed for fashion shoot location scouting.

To understand where the @jurassic feed is coming from, just take a look at the author’s profile photo. Yes, that is an illustration of a woman licking a brain. Make of that image what you will, but after a quick perusal of the feed there is one overarching theme that runs throughout all the quirky images and movie still that make up its content—female empowerment.

@diaartfoundation is the official feed of the Dia Art Foundation, a multi-disciplinary contemporary arts organization based in New York. Here again Greener’s background as a fashion editor and stylist is apparent in her choice to follow this visually stimulating feed. Keep your eyes peeled for inspiration coming to life via Leaf.

The official feed for the niche fashion publication "A magazine," @amagcuratedby is overseen by Dan Thawley, the magazine's editor in chief. The images posted to the feed are an eclectic mix of fashion moments and also highlight the work of the fashion designer chosen to curate the issue.


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