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Damien Hirst's Eternal collection for Lalique.

By Jessica Michault

For over 100 years, Lalique has been associated with refined French elegance. The company, which was founded in 1885 by the prolific artist René Jules Lalique, became famous for the impressive sculptural crystal he created, which was liberally incorporated into interior designs during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. Lalique was also a master of jewelry design and the distinctive organic style of his vintage pieces is highly covetable today. In fact, Lalique’s curious spirit had him turning his creative talents to all sorts of different artistic endeavors from perfume bottles and car hood ornaments to furniture, haute jewelry and sculptures. Their one common thread: a commitment to excellence and the ability to capture the surrounding light so that it too became part of each design.

Over the years, Lalique has reached out to other creative minds to take on the codes of the house and re-envision them in a contemporary way. Recently, Damien Hirst produced a collection called Eternal, which was a selection of crystal panels that featured colorful butterflies as their central motif.

The brand also turned to the architect Mario Botta to come up with a geometric masterpiece of a vase that is at once all about the symmetry of lines and the organic beauty of light reflecting differently off of its various angular shapes. Even the late great Zaha Hadid tried her hand at bringing Lalique crystal to life by creating a line of vases for the house. Their sleek undulating shapes becoming instant modern classics.

Today, the Lalique jewelry collection is also designed with an extremely modern perspective. For Summer 2016, the house injected color into its architectural glass Charmante rings, carved curving lines into the evergreen designs of its Vibrante line and paid homage to the brand’s sculptural heritage with its Le Baiser rings and pendants which feature an image of lovers kissing across the glass surface.

Lalique is a brand that is at once looking towards the future while still maintaining one foot firmly planted in the past.


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