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Insta Influencer Diane Pernet

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The iconic editrix Diane Pernet in one of her signature all black ensembles.

By Jessica Michault

Diane Pernet is one of the fashion world’s most distinctive and distinguished editors. Unmistakable in her eye-catching all black ensembles and matching headscarf, Pernet also has a husky speaking voice that draws those around her in close. Not just to listen to her unique timbre, but also because of her uncanny ability to speak eloquently and knowledgeably about all the inner workings of the fashion industry. Her blog “A Shaded View on Fashion” (ASVOF) is a favorite for fashionistas and artists alike, and the fashion film festival she founded, “A Shaded View on Fashion Film” (ASVOFF) was the first of its kind and has become a major annual event in Paris. Here, Pernet shares where she turns to for Insta inspo.

@Miguelvillalobosnyc’s feed is an eclectic mix of photography and illustrations. “I love his drawings and photographs and just his world,” said Pernet about Villalobos’s posts. It’s clear from his images that this New York based artist travels in all the cool creative circles in the city that never sleeps.

The whimsical charm of the illustrations by the arts known as @Unskilledworker (AKA Helen Downie) has captivated the fashion world. The self-taught artist is very much associated with the Gucci brand having created numerous illustrations of designer Alessandro Michele’s work over the past year. Her Business of Fashion limited edition magazine cover also helped seal the deal on her fame, but it is the poetry of her work that is what appeals to Pernet the most.

Ai Weiwei is one of China’s most famous living artists who is comfortable expressing his ideas through a number of different mediums including sculpture, architecture, photography and film. His heavily followed feed, @aiww, is another outlet for the well-known activist who draws attention to human rights issues in China.

@eugonline is the feed of the Eugene Hernandez film company. “I’m a film buff,” admitted Pernet, whose own annual fashion film competition is a highly regarded event within the industry. Hernandez, who is a friend of Pernet, has filled his feed with images of film festivals he has attended around the world, as well as more personal photos of the endless life on the go for a man trying to bring his art to the big screen.

“BOF is my addiction,” said Pernet. It is the first thing she reads in the morning when she gets up and turns to for fashion insights on IG via @BOF. Pernet is hardly alone in her devout following of the fashion news site, which is undoubtedly the industry benchmark and a must read for anyone working in the business.


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