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La Perla's New Lead

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Pedro Lourenço poses with photos of his first collection for La Perla.

By Jessica Michault

“For me this is an amazing experience, because I am all about construction and that works perfectly with the La Perla universe,” says Pedro Lourenço the brand’s first creative director. “I have been learning so much and there are really so many interesting possibilities within this field of design,” he adds just after presenting his debut collection in Milan.

Lourenço is a household name in his home country of Brazil where he has followed in the footsteps of his parents Reinaldo Lourenço and Gloria Coelho, who have been leading fashion designers in the country for decades. A prodigy, he started sewing at the tender age of 3 and launched his signature brand right after his 19th birthday. During the years he worked on his eponymous label Lourenço became known for a body-con sexy style and a healthy love of color.

His sleek chic aesthetic is incredibly well executed at La Perla where he is working his designer magic on the brand’s top tier Atelier clothing collection as well as a selection of swimwear and, of course, lingerie. “I am trying to sort of redefine sensuality and femininity,” explained the designer as he pointed to a selection of graphic black and white pieces that play with transparency and cleverly incorporate the appearance of the models skin into the execution of the garments.

“It’s not all about having everything tight against the body,” said Lourenço. “Its also about balance. You have straight shapes and you have some graphic lines. You cover some parts you would normally leave bare, and show parts you would usually not show. I think it is important to maintain a sense of mystery and not put everything on display,” he said.

The designer finds himself in the enviable position at La Perla considering that for the past few seasons the fashion world has put a lot of energy into finding cool new ways to transform fashion underpinnings into daywear options. Lourenço agrees the timing couldn’t be better. He was meticulous in his attention to the details of his designs with the goal being that his garments would be so well crafted that they could be worn as outerwear without anyone batting an eye.

Lourenço had a hand in every aspect of the collection. Right down the dynamic scribble-like lace he used on a number of his designs. “I wanted to approach the idea of classic lace in a new way, so I just started scribbling” he said as he stroked the lace on one creamy white semi-sheer dress. “My goal was to make the lace look like a tattoo made by a kid. It just felt modern to me.”


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