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Graceful Exit

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Grace Coddington, photographed by Willie Christie/Courtesy of Random House.

By Jessica Michault

Grace Coddington, the flame-haired iconic fashion stylist and creative director of American Vogue is stepping down from her post after almost 30 years of shaping fashion at the renowned publication.

But never fear fashion lovers, Coddington isn’t giving up the game entirely. Instead she has a new title at the magazine, that of creative director at large, which will give her more time to take on projects outside the halls of Vogue. Luckily, she will still produce a number of what will surely be unforgettable fashion shoots for the magazine.

Coddington started out as a fashion model before a car accident ended that career. She then used that experience to transition into a job as a fashion editor at British Vogue, were she worked for two decades. After a short stint at Calvin Klein she was tapped by Anna Wintour to help her transform American Vogue. A beloved member of the fashion set, Coddington became a figure recognized by the wider world thanks to her starring role in the documentary “The September Issue” that came out in 2009 and chronicled the inner workings of Vogue.

Coddington, who has been under an exclusive contract at the magazine since 1998, will now have the freedom to stretch her creative muscles in a new way. Her first project of non-Vogue business: a new fragrance that being launched by Comme des Garçons. And good news for budding stylist, Coddington’s new title also allows her to take on speaking engagements which, as anyone who knows the creative director will tell you, should be incredibly informative and filled with great fashion anecdotes. 


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