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Must-Have Moonphase

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A front and back view of the impressive Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon (Reference 6002G) moon phase watch.

By Jessica Michault

Watches are complicated. They are filled with hundreds of moving parts put together in the smallest of spaces and designed, more often then not, to do much more then just show the passage of time. They can mark the days of the month, track a race, indicate if its day or night and illustrate the phases of the moon.

It is this last complication that is perhaps the most poetic in terms of watch functions, and here, we’ve highlighted a few winning moon phase watches.

One of the most accurate moon phase watches ever to be designed comes from the minds at Patek Philippe. Considered by some to be a “living legend” moon phase watch, the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon (Reference 6002G) features front and back dials with an impressive celestial display on the back of the white gold timepiece. The 42.8mm watch counts 12 complications including those that indicate the moon phase, angular motion of the moon and a chart of the stars in the sky on the front of the watch. While on the back there is a display to indicate sidereal times and the meridian passage of Sirius as well as the moon against the backdrop of a blue and gold celestial chart.

At F.P Journe, the Octa Luna watch was recently expanded out to a more roomy 42mm case. Up from its original 38mm size, and an alternative to the 40mm option, the watch still maintains its refined modern and elegant proportions. The move gives the moon phase function, as well as the rest of the well-proportioned piece, space to shine and makes for easier legibility across the board.

Audemars Piguet has given a new twist to its classic Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar timepiece. It now has a larger 41mm case size which helps give its astronomical moon display pride of place. So that even with a dial packed with useful functions such as the day, date and month indicators of the perpetual calendar, it is still the life-like moon that shines bight from the rich blue or silvered dial.

It’s hard not to be drawn in by the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Large Date and Moon Phases watch. This is the first time this model features both functions and the balance between the two on the clutter free dial make the complications feel all that more pertinent. The slightly domed crystal and curved design of the 41mm case, it could be argued, is another subtle reference to the curvature of the moon.


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