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Inspiring Instagrams: Miroslava Duma

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Miroslava Duma (her friends call her Mira) in Christian Dior and denim at the most recent Dior ready-to-wear show in Paris.

By Jessica Michault

In just four years Miroslava Duma, the diminutive Russian media mogul, has turned her fashion and lifestyle platform Buro 24/7 into an online entity to be reckoned with. The front row fixture has launched 10 local versions of her site in places like Singapore, the Ukraine, Mongolia and Australia with another 12 countries in the works to launch in the next year.

Though she’s been tapped by Roger Vivier as a campaign face, Duma is most often seen promoting Russian and Eastern European designers, wearing their creations during fashion weeks when she is a constant street-style subject. With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she’s a social media force to boot. Here, we’ve asked her to share her top-five feeds.


Alber Elbaz recently parted ways with the fashion house Lanvin after 15 years as its creative director. One of the first things this beloved designer did was open a personal Instagram and almost overnight he racked up more then 20 thousand followers. The designer hasn’t posted much so far, but what has appeared on his feed is as charming and heartfelt as the designer himself.


The charmed life of Salma Hayek is spelled out in images via her Instagram. The Oscar nominated actress, women’s rights activist, mother, producer and the wife of François-Henri Pinault seems to always be on the go. It’s clear why someone like Duma would be inspired by Hayek’s feed, in fact pretty much any multitasking mom would find her images motivating.


Elbi is an app and an Instragam feed designed to help people give back in a creative way. Duma herself is quite an avid philanthropist. She founded the charity Peace Planet, which helps children in need receive urgent medical assistance. The Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova started Elbi and its goal is to united people with charitable projects in need of digital creativity.


Duma was quite impressed with Elon Musk at this year’s Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit. The man behind PayPal, Tesla Motors and Space X is at the cutting edge of…well just about everything. His feed is like a fantasy factory of images of objects that were once only a dream that Musk is determined to make a reality.


A new mother, Duma has fallen under the spell of this “awe” inducing Instragam. Filled with a curated selection of images of cute kids and cool children’s gear. The feed is designed for modern moms on the go who are always looking for cool new gifts; children’s clothes or just inspiring images to get them through the day.


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