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Paloma's Venezia Stella pendants in (from left) 18k gold with diamonds and blue enamel, 18k gold with diamonds, 18k gold.

With the 54th Venice Biennale well underway this year, you have a few more months to visit the enchanting Italian city to take in the brilliant art on display and immerse yourself in the city’s unrivaled culture.

If you can’t make it to Venice, however, or want to be sure you arrive in style, the new Venezia collection from Tiffany & Co. manages to capture the essence of the city’s spirit in a new 26-piece collection.

Paloma Picasso, who often incorporates the art and culture of many exotic places she travels to in her work, based this collection on Venice, a city she’s visited since she was a teenager. She developed a particular fascination for the city’s canals and bridges, palazzos and great public squares. “Venice is a city I feel at home in,” she said. “Its many treasures create a magical atmosphere that I wanted to capture in jewelry.” With her unerring eye for design, she interprets the city’s beauty and historical legacy in jewelry of four distinct themes.

The collection is divided into four distinctive groups that each borrow from a different Venetian motif. Goldoni is based on the ornate cast iron gates that offer a glimpse through the windows and into the courtyards of the city’s grand palazzos. The designer captures the opulence of the gates and beyond with jewelry featuring an intricate scrollwork motif inspired by the decorative ironwork of the Guggenheim Museum, the former home of art patron Peggy Guggenheim. Among the creations are necklaces of 18 karat gold embellished with diamonds and drop earrings shimmering with diamonds and colorful gemstones.

Luce celebrates the ornamented lanterns that are suspended from the vaulted ceilings of Venetian landmarks. Drawn to the lanterns’ spiral patterns, Paloma Picasso designs 18 karat gold and sterling silver pendants of generous scale and fluidity. She also creates cuffs, a dome ring and earrings covered with diamonds.

Stella combines an eight-prong star motif with the balustrades found in Venetian architecture. These elements are shaped into enchanting jewelry of shining gold stars on a background of blue enamel, and bangles and earrings in precious metals patterned after the balustrades’ elegant arches.

Palina reflects the city’s gondola mooring poles. The poles’ striped design is repeated in 18 karat gold and sterling silver jewelry with vibrant enamel including red, blue, green and orange. Worn alone or with colors combined, the rings, bangles and hoop earrings give fashion an exuberant new style.

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