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Chanel Heats up Dubai

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Looks from Chanel's Resort 2015 collection, here and below.

The Resort (or Cruise) collection is the most important one to fashion brands. It's on the sales floor the longest and is often most wearable—which translates to more volume and more sales. It’s also a fresh surge of new looks just when you’re over heavy fall looks and are dreaming about your upcoming holiday.

One look at the major spectacle Chanel puts on every year for their Cruise presentation, and there's no question as to where Karl's focus is. This year the French force headed to the Middle East and put on a spectacular show in Dubai as no one else could.

This must be the year of bigger is better for Chanel. First it had a major moment in Dallas and now, Dubai, home to the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa. But not even the Burj could overshadow the greatness of this collection. Lagerfeld sent 80 looks down the runway. Tweed, pearls and sequins were all in effect. And just about every model donned a little crescent moon or two in her hair—a sly play on the interlocking C's.

Plenty of Arabic influence was woven into the collection. Harem pants, keffiyehlike patterns, and floral tile patterns adorned pants, dresses and kaftans. Though heavily impacted by the locale, the collection was thoroughly Chanel, from headdress to toe. Layered looks, flat sandals, blowzy tops and voluminous pants were in tune with the region's modesty laws.

The Chanel celebration continued in Dubai with private client events and highlights from the Les Perles jewelry collection.


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