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Bracelets in lacquered wood.

By Tali Jaffe

Hermès has plenty of reason to be cheerful: their profits are up in a big way and the company remains largely held by the family -- for now, at least.

Perhaps the good spirits have had an impact on the creative output at the house, as this Fall sees plenty of bright colors and brilliant designs dotting the accessories collections. Under the creative direction of Christophe Lemaire, the latest accessories have a decidedly playful tone.

Street art gets silky. Hermès lets Kongo, an internationally renowned graffiti artist, work his magic. He uses silk twill as a concrete wall, creating a bold, bright and beautiful design with vibrant splashes of color. Kongo, cofounder of the International Festival of Graffiti, is taking his artists’ collective, Kosmopolis, on an eight-country tour to meet budding artists to paint uniques frescos in each city. The entire process will be filmed and photographed and eventually exhibited.

In the meantime, you can purchase the new Graff scarf and support the cause while sporting the season’s hottest accessory.

If you’re more of a Kelly girl than a graffiti girl, perhaps the Magic Kelly scarf is more your speed. Designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko, a longtime designer for Hermes, the scarf’s image treats the coveted Kelly bag like the sparkling star it is.

And speaking of star power, Hermès will showcase the craftsmen behind its Kelly bags and silk scarves with an exhibition of photographs at the gallery located in its Madison Avenue flagship in New York. The 33 images are culled from “La Maison,” an 11-volume compendium published by Steidl that was seven years in the making by photographer Koto Bolofo. See complete coverage of the book here. The exhibition will run September 14 to 30.

Hermes’ iconic enamel bracelets are easy to stack up or to wear on its own. The new patterns, inspired by the Parade jacket with its decorative cords as well as the four-sided stud, come in soft, nuanced harmonies or bright, contrasting colors.

Another cheerful addition to your Fall wardrobe are the bracelets in lacquered wood. The simple two-tone harmonies for these cheerful bracelets shine bright in vibrant and soft hues.

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