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Leoni bag in blue soft ostrich skin.

By Tali Jaffe

The Mediterranean has always been an alluring destination. The endless blue sky, deep turquoise waters and the lush green landscape provide plenty of imagery to lose one’s self in.

It’s no surprise then that Bulgari looked to the region for inspiration for its latest collection of jewelry and accessories. Entitled Mediterranean Eden, the collection plays with some of the emblematic images of the region—the lion and the serpent—omnipresent in the myths and legends of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations, as well as the colors—blue, green, yellow—that evoke the landscape.

For daytime acessorizing, look for the warm tones of red, green and amber Karung skin, and peacock green and topaz blue leather Leoni day bags. At night, seductive femininity finds expression in the pale pink satin of the Leoni clutches and the Monete evening bags. Gold and bronze for the evening complete the palette.

For a little more embellishment, finely enameled serpentine heads decorated with malachite eyes become oversized jewel-closures and chains are embellished with ancient coins. The serpent makes itself present again with a line of accessories, including thin double-wrap belts, leather bracelets and wallet-pochettes.

Meanwhile, the collection of foulards and stoles pays homage to the architecture of Italian Renaissance gardens, plants and fountains, marble statues and boxwood hedges. The Mediterranean Eden silk satin foulards are marked with bold, contemporary colors; Lions in Love presents a surreal forest across silk twill with the classic Bulgari icon of the double lion head emerging from the tangle of foliage. The Safari stole again plays up the double lion head, this time against a backdrop of a silk satin zebra print. Flower Market is an enchanted greenhouse where the historic brooches from the Bulgari Vintage collection come alive, and finally, in Absolut Green, multicolored flowers, branches and leaves are bright in color from fuchsia to acid yellow, from green to gray.

And let’s not forget about the jewelry. Again drawing inspiration from the rich colors—blues, greens, purples—and precious metals, Bulgari’s new collection of jewelry tells a story rich in the house’s own history. Unusual forms and cuts have long been a part of the Bulgari heritage, as have the use of precious and semi-precious stones mounted on multi-strand necklaces and colliers. Bulgari’s trademark coins—first adopted in the 1960s—are at home in this collection. A modern take on a vintage look is the leather cuff inlaid with ancient coins. 

Available at Bulgari, Bal Harbour Shops.

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