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Giorgio Armani on Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani poses with his new coffee book at it's launch in Milan, Italy.

By Jessica Michault

Over the past year, Giorgio Armani has rolled out a number of impressive events and big reveals to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his eponymous brand. One of the last major celebrations took place at the end of Milan Fashion Week when the designer presented to the public an impressive coffee table autobiography efficiently titled “Giorgio Armani.”

“I wrote this book because I wanted to talk about why I decided to enter into this vocation,” says the designer, “why I am who I am.”

The book, which features a black and white photo of Armani at the age of two on the cover, chronicles how a child of war from Piacenza Italy turned into one of the most powerful designers in the world.

“The process of writing the book was definitely challenging,” says Armani. “It takes the right amount of distance and the ability to report events objectively without being overwhelmed by emotions.”

Flipping through the pages is almost like looking at a stop motion film, beginning in the 1970s when he embraced the idea of empowering women by giving them a strong wardrobe to take on the male dominated workforce. We then find ourselves in the making of Red Carpet royalty, when Hollywood stars began clamoring to wear Armani—a sign that they had arrived.

“I felt joy, sometimes I felt sad for those who are no longer here. But I was never nostalgic; this book tells my story with an eye to the future. I wanted to create an exciting, living document, and I hope I have achieved this result.”


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