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Inspiring Instagrams: Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Culture Watch
Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the creative director of Lacoste.

By: Jessica Michault

Ahead of this week’s Fashion Week presentation in New York, we sat down with Lacoste’s creative director, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, to share where he scrolls for inspiration—and a bit of fun.

The official Instagram feed of The Academy New York is a treasure trove of found images that “Inspire or humor us at The Academy.” It is a light hearted, curated collection of images and short videos that reveal a cultured, tongue firmly planted in cheek, aesthetic. 


Beloved by many fashion insiders, this feed focuses on rare and out of print books and is run by the “superbooksellers” of Dover Street Market. Take a page from this library like Julie de Libran, the new designer at Sonia Rykiel, did when she needed to line the walls of the brand’s flagship store for her most recent fashion show. 


Autodidact photographer Blaise Cepis uses his feed to share his  sharp, often vibrantly colorful images featuring provocatively posed models in different states of undress. According to Cepis, “every picture I take represents a moment in which I was having fun while taking it.” That certainly comes through in his Instagram oeuvres. 


Turn to artist Richard Prince, who’s known for appropriation, and you may just find your own photo staring back at you. Though, more than likely it will be one of Karlie Kloss or Miley Cyrus. After trolling for posts from both the truly famous and those looking for instant celebrity, he then creates inkjet replicas and reposes those print outs on his own feed. It makes for a great commentary on social media and who is profiting from it. 


Little is known about the author of this private Instagram feed. And with just 133 followers (at the time of the publication of this article) only a handful of people have discovered the abstract beauty of the images its creator posts. Often the reflective power of mirrors and the shadow play of sunshine have a key role in the graphic and geometric photos. 

We want to know what your top 5 Instagram feeds are. Let us know by using the hashtag #fashionispassion.


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