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Top Five Fashion Designer Instagram Feeds

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Designer Roberto Cavalli and Victoria Beckham.

By: Jessica Michault

Fashion brands might have a marketing lockdown on a house’s Instagram feed but that hasn’t stopped a number of leading designers from coming up with their own personal handle on the social media platform. Using it, just like the rest of us, to share images that move them personally rather than as another avenue for self promotion.

Here Bal Harbour Shops picks the top five designer feeds to follow if you are looking for deeper insights into the minds of these leading sartorial artists.

Roberto Cavalli might be 75 this year but he still has his finger firmly on the pulse of fashion – and social media. The designer is an avid instagrammer and any man who has the line “ I came into Fashion for a chance to meet all the beautiful woman” on his feed’s bio is going to have some humdinger shots to share. For Cavalli this includes quite a lot of beautiful women, cute pets, and remarkable boats. He also has an impressive number of duo shots which feature Cavalli and (add the name of pretty much any famous person here). The designer is clearly living the sweet life and he is loving every minute of it.


The clever class clown of the fashion industry takes having fun and being playful very seriously. In just a few season’s Scott has made the dusty brand Moschino one of the hottest, and most recognizable labels on the planet. His signature brand is just as tongue-in-cheek and he looks to be enjoying himself immensely if his Instagram feed is to be believed. It also helps that some of his best friends are also megawatt musicians like Miley Cyrus, M.I.A. and Katy Perry. They are often posing with the designer in the photos he uploads to the site. Oh to be a fly on the wall at one if his parties!


One of the most buzzed about young designers working today is Frenchman Simon Porte Jacquemus. Karl Lagerfeld has been singing his praises to anyone who will listen and the designer was given a special award at this year’s LVMH Prize ceremony – €150,000 and a year of mentoring from LVMH. Early on in his career Jacquemus used his Instagram feed in an original way. He would post three, almost identical, images onto his feed at the same time. With its three images across format Instagram thus elevated the designer’s snaps to an artistic triptych of imagery. It’s a technique that is now directly identified with the brand and is an original way for Jacquemus to show his fans how he sees the world.


The feed of designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, who is the man behind the brand Louis Vuitton, is so well loved within the industry because there is almost nothing to do with fashion, or famous people, on it. Instead those who follow Ghesquiere can delight in extraordinary images of architectural wonders. Yes there are also quite a few professional portrait shots on the feed too. But it’s the exotic locations the designer visits and immortalizes on his feed that really gets the blood pumping. And die hard fans of the designer love to endlessly dissect each of these bold photos for clues about what unusual new direction Ghesquiere might take Vuitton next.


Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain, is one hard core Instagrammer. Currently he counts 1.2 million followers on his feed but that number seems to endlessly continue to grow. The 29-year-old designer is a true blue example of the power of social media and selfies. Hardly a day goes by when Rousteing hasn’t posted at least one image of himself in some ultra hip location or hanging out with his closest friends who have names like Kim, Kanye, Rihanna or Gisele. His bio on his feed might say “THIS IS MY REALITY” but for most of the rest of us living vicariously through his posted photos is as close as we are ever gonna get.


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