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Inspiring Instagrams: Dsquared2

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Dean and Dan Caten, the designer duo behind Dsquared2.

By Jessica Michault

In a new monthly column Bal Harbour shops has asked leading tastemakers in the world of fashion and art what Instagram feeds they look to for inspiration or just a bit of visual fun. This month Dean and Dan Caten, the designer duo of Dsquared2, reveals which feeds are their favorites on the social media site.


The singer and actress has pretty much wiped from society’s collective memory the fact that she was once the sugar sweet child star of the hit Disney television show Hannah Montana thanks in part to her outrageous and insightful Instagram feed. Pushing the envelope on the site’s no nudity ban, the singer has exposed almost as much skin as she has the inner workings of her psyche on Instagram. Nothing is off limits for Cyrus and her audaciousness makes hers one of the most followed, and commented on, feeds on the site.



A mix of personal and professional artist Donald Robertson’s Instagram feed is filled with almost as many photos of his five children, in particular his two towheaded twins, as it is his impressive artwork. Robertson’s style tends to focus on repeating the same fashion based image over and over again in bright colors. They are crafted in a way that they almost blur the beauty of the underlying illustration into an abstract wash of color and positivity. Robertson has received international attention for his interactions with social media and was nominated by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) as “Instagrammer of the year.”


At its heart the splicing and dicing done by Doug Abraham on his feed @bessnyc4 is a visually visceral way to dissect the world of fashion imagery. His often kinky or sinister collages can transform the most benign of glossy magazine shoots or advertizing campaigns into thought provoking commentary on the industry as a whole. In a profile on his work in Dazed magazine Abraham explained his Instagram art in this way “I think it was like trying to find a way to startle myself or to have some experience of a compelling moment of looking. I think it’s good when they have urgency to it.” It is this urgency in his online postings that has drawn 90 thousand followers to his feed.



As the name suggests, this Instagram feed is were the photographer Mert Alan and Marcus Piggott, who work in symbiotic tandem on their shoots and are referred to in the industry shorthand as Mert and Marcus, go to document their glamorous fashion life. Short videos of them with Kate Moss enjoying themselves on a fashion shoot or images of their digitally modified work in glossy magazines and advertizing campaigns are de rigure on their join feed. As are a strong helping of Selfies and inspirational imagery. The duo have worked with Dean and Dan Caten in the past, so its no wonder the designer twins would continue to keep taps on what new adventures Mert and Marcus are up to via Instagram.


An Instagram born celebrity Josh Ostrovsky, AKA @thefatjewish, is almost as famous for his topknot hairstyle as he is for his memes and photomontages. The feel good feed is all about the funny. Meaning the images, videos, quotes and collages that Ostrovsky pulls from different online sources are designed to bring, at the very least, a smile to the lips. With over 4 and a half million followers, the feed has become a full time job for Ostrovsky and as such he has turned it into a money making venture. He now does paid appearances and has a myriad of brands commissioning him to create and publish Instagram images and videos that feature their products on his feed. So influential is Ostrovsky that one of his two rescued Cavalier Kin Charles Spaniels, named Toast, has her own Instagram feed (@toastmeetsworld) and a following of more than 250 thousand followers


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