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Doutzen Kroes, Gig Hadid, Lara Stone and Kendall Jenner caught by Mario Testino.

By Jessica Michault

Perhaps there is no better example of how Instagram has impacted the fashion industry than the fact that the platform was honored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) earlier this month. Instagram received this year’s Media Award. A prize once reserved for living and breathing fashion tastemakers like Suzy Menkes, Bruce Weber and Paul Cavaco.

At its core the fashion industry is a visual medium. So it comes as no surprise, then, that it embraced with open arms Instagram, which focuses on storytelling through imagery.

Thanks to the site, the world now is Selfie-obsessed, hashtags have become a new sort of journalistic shorthand and emojis are now a representation of online emotions.

And let us not forget the power of filters, which have turned everyone in the world into modern-day Irving Penns or Steven Meisels. While the potential of the 15 second videos that can be posted on the site still has room to explore more creative experimentation.

With monetization in mind, the site now has started to incorporate advertising Instagram images into the feeds of its members, giving brands new avenues to get their visual message across.

But even without the bells and whistles of those new “carrousel” multi-image marketing posts, fashion houses have found other ways to indicate how important Instagram has become since its inception in 2010.

Exclusive collaborations, like Donatella Versace posing in the latest Givenchy advertising campaign and Kendall Jenner working with Estée Lauder, first broke internationally on Instagram.

Even the satellite worlds of models, illustrators, photographers and stylists have been effected by Instagram. Astute luxury brands, casting agents and glossy magazine editors now scour the site looking for fresh faces and unknown diamond-in-the-rough image-makers just waiting to be discovered.

Oh, and the CFDA didn’t stop with giving Instagram one of its top awards. It also published a book dedicated to the photographs posted by fashion designers on the site, fittingly called “Designers on Instagram: #Fashion.”

“The books that really are popular are the ones that give a glimpse into the lives of designers, and Instagram is such a inside look at a person’s life,” explained CFDA CEO Steven Kolb to reporters about the choice to republish images in a book which are already free to comsume online.

Can a social media site get any more “meta” than that?


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