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Damien Hirst Gets Crystallized for Lalique

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Damien Hirst with his new edition for Lalique.

Lalique presents its latest artist commission, working with the celebrated, internationally acclaimed artist Damien Hirst. The Turner Prize-winner worked with Lalique’s artisans to create this limited edition series of crystal panels featuring a single butterfly, entitled “Eternal,” which are available now at Lalique Bal Harbour.

The butterfly motif is one that has been a constant in Hirst’s work, first appearing in 1989, acting as a symbol of beauty and the fragility of life. To counteract that fragility—and at the same time echo it—Hirst captures an image of a butterfly in crystal, for eternity.

The panels are available in 12 colors and in three different versions of the butterfly—titled by the artist as Love, Hope and Beauty. Hirst shared his thoughts on the insect, and the reoccurring appearance of it not only in his work, but throughout history.

“I see butterflies as souls and part of a wider visual language,” said Hirst. “I’ve always described them as universal triggers; everyone loves them because of their incredible abstract fragility and beauty. It’s an interesting example of how we use nature to try and express the inexpressible: love, desire, belief and the eternal. They’re really old ideas, butterflies are used in Christian iconography to symbolize the resurrection, and by the ancient Greeks, for the soul. I’ve always loved that they look identical in life and in death, but when the light shines through these panels, it feels like they’re brought back to life in some way.”

Each panel has the artist’s signature engraved on the bottom right-hand corner, is numbered and comes complete with a signed edition certificate. The panels can be displayed in a number of ways, for example: mounted on an easel; framed and hung across a wall partition; or inset into a wall.


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