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For all of those motorcycle-style fans out there, we have a new accessory to add to the mix. You already rock a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and Jimmy Choo Motorcycle boots, so your coffee table should be as cool as you are, and the best way to make that happen is with Assouline’s “The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles: The 100 Most Exceptional Motorcycles of the Twentieth Century.”

The book, presented in a black rubber clamshell box, is the ultimate expression of moto-chic. Ever since Irving Schott produced the first jacket in 1928, designed spe-cifically for motorcycling, the worlds of fashion and bike collided sparking this love affair. “The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles” is an essential read that will stir up the rebel in you and inspire a few fall purchases, to be sure.

Among the most exceptional bikes of the 20th century featured in the book, is the 1967 Husqvarna 400 Cross, Sweden’s greatest contribution to the motorcycle world; the Britten V1000, by John Britten; the 1904 Alcyon Buchet V-Twin; “Captain America” Harley-Davidson Easy Rider, ridden by Peter Fonda in 1969 and the 1914 Motosacoche, which was one of the first bikes to feature an engine with inclined valves and a hemispherical combustion chamber and the first “modern motorcycle,” by Werner Motors in 1900.

The automotive-adoring authors of the book are Ian Barry and Nicolas Stecher. Bar-ry is an award-winning artist and industrial designer, currently working on a collec-tion of, none other than, motorcycles. His new collection is named The Falcon Ten. His work is featured in The Los Angeles Times, Architectural Digest, CNBC, GQ and The New York Times. Stecher is a veteran automotive journalist and contributes to Wired and Popular Mechanics.

Bal Harbour also has a resident motorcycle enthusiast, Marcos, who dutifully docu-ments the most impressive vehicles that come through the shops from his Valet post. You can follow him at,, and look for his posts on Bal Harbour’s Facebook page.

Visit Books & Books Bal Harbour to pick up your copy of  “The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles: The 100 Most Exceptional Motorcycles of the Twentieth Century.”

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