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Hublot takes on the World Cup

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Hublot’s design for the World Cup referee board.

There’s a new big bang theory—and one that’s a little easier to prove. Hublot, the official watch of the World Cup, introduced its new Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono on the occasion of this year's World Cup in Brazil.

The newest timepiece from luxury watchmaker Hublot is specifically crafted for elite performance during football matches. After 18 months of research and development, Hublot released the rare design, which bears the Brazilian national colors. The sport calls for lightning speed timekeeping for pausing and added time.

The second and minute hands move in a circular arc of 45 minutes (one half of a match). Two push-buttons for start, stop and pause are for accurate timekeeping, and a push-button at 2 o’clock is used to display First half, half time, Second half and end of match.

The Big Bang is not the only groundbreaking Hublot watch to hit the soccer world. Hublot also introduced the King Power “Special One,” which is in honor of Chelsea team manager Jose Mourinho and features a Flyback chronograph unique to Hublot. The sleek, sporty design of the King Power features a dark blue carbon fiber, blue counters, hands and minute track, plus a blue alligator strap. Yes, blue is Mourinho’s signature color.

Hublot is not just going to be seen on wrists during the competition either. The watchmaker introduced a fresh new design for the referee’s board, which mirrors Hublot’s distinctive silhouette. “It is an immense honor and privilege for Hublot to have been given the opportunity to optimize the referee's board for the 2014TM FIFA World Cup,” says Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.

The joint effort comes as part of a long-term relationship which Hublot has developed with FIFA. It has given rise to an object with an innovative design.” The referee board boasts an ergonomic grip and a sophisticated aesthetic that does not sacrifice style for utility. After all, soccer is all about swagger.

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