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James Perse’s Sporty Style

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James Perse limited edition beach cruiser.

Now that you have you summer wardrobe sorted (for the moment, anyway), it’s time to focus on accessories. And we don’t mean the shoe and bag variety. No, we’re talking about must-have summer gear for all of those warm-weather activities: surfing, paddle boarding, biking... And, of course we want you to do it in high-style. James Perse not only has the coolest gear this side of California, but all of the pieces are limited edition, so there’s little chance you’ll be caught with the same hand-crafted surfboard as the beach-goer next to you.

There is nothing more crucial than a classic Summer BBQ, but don’t let you’re guests die of boredom. Coming off the hype of the recent French Open, entertain you’re partygoers with the Table Tennis Table. You can even remove the net and cover with the optional teak table top to transform it into an eating area once the grilling is done.

Speaking of classic Summer activities, what is a Summer without leisurely bike rides? Whether you’re along the coast or in the city, James Perse limited-edition Beach Cruiser and City Cruiser are a stylish way to freewheel you’re way through both terrains. The City Cruiser comes with front and rear breaks for commuting hustle and bustle, and the 50s and 60s inspired Beach Cruiser features flat tires fit to handle sand, piers and shaky seaboards.

yosemite yellow black pabble board

The stand up paddle boarding craze this Summer may have had you asking, “What’s up with SUP?” The relaxing aqua activity requires very little: you, a paddle, a board and the deep blue sea. Luckily, the limited collection has all the tools you will need with handcrafted Yosemite Paddle Boards. Opt for the yellow and black to stand out in case your wanderlust kicks in.

If you’re more of a “hands-free” person, and are looking for a gnarly oceanic adventure, pick up the James Perse Surfboard in black and white. Whether you’re a barney or a pro, you’ll feel like every wave is an A-frame on this mid-sized board built for speed.

If you can’t get enough riding while on dry land, pick up a Yosemite Skateboard handmade from cold pressed Canadian maple. The design features a kicktail and invisible spray grip and is the perfect way to keep on riding once you leave the sea-a great feature if you’re pup is pulling you down the coastline.


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