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Celebrate Summer with Hinckley

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With Summer officially underway, our collective thoughts turn to lazy days on the beach, lobster rolls and afternoons at sea. The draw to the water can take many forms: paddleboards for the humble, sailboats for the adventurous and for those who really know how to fantasize (or live the life), why not make it a yacht?

There’s one name in yachting that has been a part of this shared vision longer than any other, and that’s Hinckley. One famous publishing magnate may have put it best when he said: “To be truly happy, I must be on the water… and I know I’m not alone in those feelings.” Charles Townsend, CEO of Condé Nast Publications, isn’t alone in his nautical philosophy.

In fact, Martha Stewart, David Rockefeller and Nick Voulgaris III all contributed to Rizzoli’s Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon, a veritable love-letter to the American maker of luxury sailing yachts.

In Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon, Voulgaris takes us sailing from Hinckley’s 1920s humble beginnings in Southwest Harbor, Maine, to its present state as the premier sailing yacht manufacturer in the world.

Benjamin B. Hinckley and his son, Henry, built their first yacht, “Ruthyeolyn,” in 1932. However, it was during the second world war when the family began designing naval ships that Hinckley developed its most impressive craftsmanship.

These sleek but efficient, speedy but graceful designs live on in their beloved recreational boats today. Hinckley’s wartime establishment may have been amidst hard times, but these designs became the golden standard for yacht engineers across the globe.

The book was inspired by Voulgaris’s experience restoring a classic Hinckley Bermuda 40 Yawl. And additional contributions come from Hinckley enthusiasts—Rockefeller, Townsend and Stewart—who each share their stories of owning and sailing Hinckleys.

Cruise by Books & Books Bal Harbour on the third level to pick up a copy.


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