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Dior and I

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A runway look from Raf Simons first Haute Couture collection in 2012, the subject of the new film, "Dior and I."

For fans of fashion—and we mean the real, die-hard ones among us—there's nothing more indulgent than watching a film dedicated to the craft. It's not just about the clothes, after all. It's about the process, the people and the spirit that really gives fashion its soul.

The latest film to warm our hearts is "Dior and I," which premiered this month at the Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Frederic Tcheng, "Dior and I," brings us inside the storied world of the House of Dior with a behind the scenes look at the creation of Raf Simons' first haute couture collection as its new artistic director in the Spring of 2012. While Simons may be the central figure in the film, the seamstresses and artisans who labor over each look are given their due, too.

With unprecedented access to the house and atelier, the film documents eight weeks that Simons had to complete the collection. If that sounds like very little time, that’s because it is! Normally designers spend five or six months creating a couture collection. Add to that the somewhat mixed opinion of Simons appointment—the Belgian designer is revered for his minimalist approach to fashion, hardly the aesthetic associated with Dior.

Through Tcheng's lens we see the inner workings of the house from the creative process of its artistic direct to the tireless team who make it all happen. We watch as bonds form and the legacy of the stories house continues to unfold.

The legacy, which began in 1947, remains largely unchanged, despite the decades and designers that have come and gone. In fact, Dior is one of the few houses to maintain ateliers in-house. And the audience gets a close look at these history-filled rooms as Simons himself explores them for the first time.


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