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Back to School with Brunello

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Brunello Cucinelli's School of Craft in Soloemo, here and below.

What if you could learn Italian craftsmanship from an Italian master? Well, now you can. Brunello Cucinelli, the king of cashmere, has just opened the “School of Crafts” in the town of Solomeo, where his namesake knitwear company is based.

The school’s objective is to teach the theory and practice of two of the oldest and virtuous craft techniques in the knit work sector: darning and the art of mending. Perhaps because Cucinelli’s own interests span far beyond fashion—he’s a devotee of philosophy—the school also offers history, philosophy, arts, literature spirituality and communication courses. And the connection to his own interests doesn’t stop there: having grown up on a farm, he also offers a farming and gardening course were students get their hands dirty in the picturesque countryside and learn about the rhythm of nature.

Classes are held between October and June and students who attend the school will receive a grant to help fund their education. This theoretical and practical learning academy will add to the internal training courses already given at Cucinelli, thanks to which, more than 60 apprentice students work alongside Brunello’s highly skilled Solomeo workforce. The students will also be able to take in the company culture by taking part in clothing production and obtaining valuable work experience.

Cucinelli’s intention with this project is to extend its offering to its customers by providing a top-level tailoring service for producing made-to-measure men’s suits. He has also acquired a branch of the Avenza tailor’s shop to preserve the exceptional know-how of those who have dressed the likes of Winston Churchill.

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