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A view of the exhibition in Kyoto.

Last week Gucci inaugurated a special archival exhibition as part of its 90th anniversary at Rokuon-ji, a World Heritage site known as the Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The exhibition marks the first in a series in the city that honors the connection between Gucci's birth city, Florence, and its sister city Kyoto through a common tradition of artisanal craftsmanship, a cultural treasure shared by both Italy and Japan.

While Florence is renowned for the art of leather craftsmanship, Kyoto has its own heritage steeped in traditional arts. The exhibits convey a universal message that the artisan's expertise transcends time and borders from East to West.

For the series of exhibits, Gucci has partnered with local designers and design professionals, including Hiroshi Senju, a world-renowned Japanese painter and president of Kyoto University of Art and Design and fashion director Tomoki Sukezane.

Until July 13th, unique and coveted pieces from Gucci’s Historical Archive will be on special display at the Golden Temple. Curated by Mr. Senju, the exhibit integrates archival Gucci pieces with the tradition, art and history through contemporary installations linked with the paintings on the sliding doors found throughout the main hall of Rokuon-ji.

Following the Golden Temple exhibition, from October 15th to the 28th, Gucci will host an exhibition that will feature both historical Gucci items as well as artisanal works from the cities of Florence and Kyoto at Galerie Aube in Kyoto University of Art and Design. This second stop of the tour will give visitors an in-depth appreciation for the values that these two cities embody with their arts. Talents from the University will engage directly in a stimulating, thought-provoking learning experience.

Then finally in November, to mark the fifth anniversary of its Ginza store, the exhibition will make its last stop at the Gucci Ginza Gallery, where a host of celebrations will take place.

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