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Yves Saint Laurent at his home in Morocco.

Shortly after the death of Yves Saint Laurent in 2008, Pierre Thoretton decided he wanted to produce a very specific film: a documentary that explores the artwork and homes collected by Saint Laurent and his longtime partner, Pierre Bergé. But, after reviewing the first few takes, Thoretton instead decided to focus on the relationship between Saint Laurent and his partner of 50 years.

L’Amour Fou: Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, is narrated in a deeply emotional tone by Bergé as he shares the story of his business partner, cherished friend and lover. The film, almost entirely in French with English subtitles, portrays their love for one another through the treasures in which they had collected over the years. The audience watches as Bergé puts together items each representing significant moments of their lives together. The emotion conveyed in Bergés voice encompasses the struggles they have been through together.

From the moment they met at Christian Dior’s funeral through Yves’ struggles with drugs, alcohol, infidelity and the effects of fame are all portrayed throughout the films combination of present and archival footage. The film allows the viewer to sit along side Bergé as he watches movers take all of his treasures to auction as well as the moment he walks through the empty chairs before the Christie’s auction.

In what was said to be the “auction of the 21st Century,” 732 exceptional pieces were sold. The auction earned $483.8 million, setting a world record for the most valuable private collection ever sold at an auction and the highest total for an auction in Europe.

L’Amour Fou opened May 13 in New York and May 20 in Los Angeles and in select cities nationwide.

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